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On this page I am building a list of links to interesting videos, pictures and articles relating widely to Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Consciousness (natural and artificial), and also ethical issues relating to intelligent systems. If you have anything to add along those lines, drop me a comment!

Lots of useful links available from this site. Thanks to Emily and her teacher Julie for pointing this out to me!


Resources for kids and adults who want to build and program their own robots.

Some useful introductory content here, to inspire young minds and also as a starting place for hobbyists of all ages interested in building robots.

Kevin O'Regan - The sensorimotor approach to understanding "feel" in humans and robots. This is a very interesting 20 minutes fusing the science behind human vision and spatial awareness with philosophical ideas of perception and consciousness. 

FESTO Flying Bird Robot in Slow Motion -  (1 min 23 secs)

This cool video shows the robotic bird in slow motion. For more details visit

The Aldebaran NAO Next Gen -  (3.5 mins)

This is a very cool video showing the wide range of complex behaviours now available in a relatively low cost robot platform. Other robot brands are available!

NHK Documentary - Robot Revolution (48 mins)

A fascinating documentary covering various recent robot initiatives including the DARPA challenge, Honda's work with Asimo, NEXTAGE, Boston Dynamics LC3 and Baxter from rethink robotics. Note that this HD video has the last 8 mins missing, but you can see those minutes here.


A heterogeneous swarm robotics project. Also see IEEE ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 2013

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