Rob Wortham talks at TEDx Frome - What are the robots thinking and why should they tell us?

Robot Ethics – Engaging with the Public

This is a quick update. I’ll put a proper page together when I have some more time. I’ve been doing quite a lot over the last few months to engage with non academics.

Here is my TEDx Frome in January at The Merlin Theatre, Frome

Here is a recent interview with the incisive Ben Byford who runs the Machine Ethics web site  РPrinciples of robotics for creators, intelligence: doing the right thing at the right time, embodied or distributed robots, robot transparency and much more.

Also, see my twitter feed for recent work we did with the R5 robot at the Oriel Science centre in Swansea.

Here is a quick Radio 5 Live interview on 25th April 2017 about AI in healthcare.


I was also recently a finalist for the Vice Chancellors Award for Public Engagement with Research. This award recognises the integration of public engagement with PhD research. The talk is here.

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